【Hong Kong Guide Tour】Cheung Chau "Half-day trip of a out-island" 長洲半日遊

【Hong Kong Guide Tour】Cheung Chau "Half-day trip of a out-island"  長洲半日遊

Hi everyone,
I think it is time for volunteer(s) who can translate this video to the English youtube community.
From my channel, the youtube statistic shows that there are around 8% of audience from Hong Kong, plus some viewers in overseas are Cantonese Chinese. I believe within all this population, there are numbers of people who are bilingual, either able to read and write in English from Cantonese.
Here I am seeking volunteer(s) who are willing dedicate his/her time to take half of my video workload. As you may or may not know that pre and post video production spend me most of the time, and additional video subtitle even 10 time more, then the result is: “you need to wait longer for next video ! ”
In youtube, there is a feature called “Community contributions” which allows viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions, and subtitles/CC.
I will credit you on my page here if you can able to do the translation part, no matter how long or short, correct content or grammar mistake, then I am sure the community will appreciate you.
Because of you, then I can keep doing project “walk tour” around Hong Kong to capture and document the city as many as I can.
However, if no volunteer show up all time, then I have to apologize you first that I will add the subtitle in sentence by sentence when time is available.


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