$100 Fake Macbook Air/Pro 2017 Clone – The $100 Budget Laptop Good for Gaming? Review

$100 Fake Macbook Air/Pro 2017 Clone – The $100 Budget Laptop Good for Gaming? Review

$100 Laptop The MacBook Pro 2017 / MacBook Air Clone! Review Best cheap Budget laptop 2017! In this video, We’ll see how good this $100 Macbook clone performs! After testing it out I was surprised how well this laptop performs! This is by far the cheapest laptop I have ever used with great performance! especially for the price! This MacBook clone laptop features 13″ display and Intel processor! It’s, in fact, a really good and cheap gaming laptop! It’s a great cheap laptop for gaming! This is by far the best budget laptop for 2017! It’s a great budget laptop for students! Wear you’re looking for a cheap laptop, a notebook, a MacBook for gaming, student or browsing the internet this laptop will fit everyone’s need who’s on a tight budget! This Apple laptop is the best HD clone! This MacBook air 13 can fit anyone even if you’re looking for a MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air! Cheaper and better performance then iMac or any other old MacBook Pro, MacBook Air! Similar – $50 Fake MacBook Pro vs $1,500 MacBook Pro

*****Video for educational purposes only PLEASE BE AWARE OF FAKE/ CLONES*****

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Looking for a notebook, gaming computer, laptop computer, laptop notebook, desktop computer or any other high-performance apple product but can’t afford them! this is by far the best budget option!

If you’re looking for a cheap on budget windows laptop as a student or gaming! running windows 10 but also want the look of a MacBook air! good performance, think and light weight on a budget!

Specs Listed by seller –

Item specifics
Model: 737S often Edition
Size; 13.3 inches
Color: Silver
CPU: Intel Bay Trail-T quad-core
Processor speed: 1.33GHZ-1.83GHZ
Storage capacity: 32G
Expand support: Micro SD (up to 128G)
System Memory: 2GB DDR3L
Camera: Front 30W
Screen resolution: 192 09*1080
USB Interface: USB * 2
Function: WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, OTG, HDMI
Battery capacity: 5500MAh
Charging Interface: DC charging
Camera: 335.5mm * 223.5mm * 10.48mm
Weight: 1160G
Features: 1 if thin blade 2.4K HD IPS screen playback. 3.EMMC second speed of the hard disk boot
4. The dual speakers. 5. A removable hard disk can be accessed
Music by Tobu

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