2015 Canton Tower Run Held in Guangzhou

2015 Canton Tower Run Held in Guangzhou

A tower running race was held Sunday in south China’s Canton Tower, the tallest building in the country.

Some 600 athletes took part in the 2015 Canton Tower Run, ascending the 600-meter-tall structure with 2580 stairs.

Last year’s winner Ou Jiajing won the race again with a time of 15 minutes and 44 seconds, some 24 seconds quicker than the last year’s time.

A professional marathon runner, Ou Jiajing, said that running upstairs is far more difficult than running on a flat track.

“Running up stairs is much more challenging than running on the ground. It is okay to run at a relatively slow pace. It is not very tiring for those who often run and climb mountains,” said Ou.

“It is an intensive sport that gives a great cardiac load and tests the legs muscles,” said Liu Jianhong, a sports commentator who ran the race.

This years marks the second time the Canton Tower Run has been held, and the race is part of the 2015 International Vertical Marathon series.
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