25 MOST AFFORDABLE HONG KONG RESTAURANTS (Asian, Western, Michelin Dimsum) | Hong Kong Food Culture

25 MOST AFFORDABLE HONG KONG RESTAURANTS (Asian, Western, Michelin Dimsum) | Hong Kong Food Culture

25 Most Affordable Hong Kong Restaurants (Asian, Western, Michelin Dimsum) | Hong Kong Food Culture

Have you ever wondered what Hong Kong has to offer when it comes to food variety? Well, we’ve got you covered as we video blog about 25 affordable or budget-friendly Hong Kong restaurants.

Hong Kong is home to dim sum and the most affordable Michelin-starred restaurant in the world— Tim Ho Wan. The dim sum restaurant is famous for its crumbly and fluffy barbecued pork buns— which is our favourite! They’re also known for its steamed chicken feet, pork dumpling with shrimp, siomai, and many more. Hong Kong is also home to rice noodles, congee, roasted duck, tofu, and egg waffles. But the question is: What if you don’t feel like eating traditional Hong Kong food?

Worry not because Hong Kong Food Culture is influenced not just by Cantonese cuisine but by British, Western, Japanese, and Southeast Asian cuisines. Hong Kong’s food is a fusion of Eastern and Western flavours which makes Hong Kong as the World’s Gourmet Paradise.

Today we’re gonna show you some of the restaurants you’ll find in Hong Kong.

1. 0:34 – Tim Ho Wan (World’s Cheapest Michelin-starred Restaurant)
2. 1:17 – Traditional Chinese Noodles (Mong Kok)
3. 1:31 – Cafe De Coral (Hong Kong’s Famous Fast Food Chain)
4. 1:33 – MX (Hong Kong’s Fast Food)
5. 1:36 – Genki (Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill)
6. 2:15 – Kowloon Curry House (Nepali Food, Temple Street, Jordan)
7. 2:27 – Han Yang Won Korean Restaurant (Korean BBQ Buffet, Jordan)
8. 3:06 – Pho 1 Vietnamese Pho (Wong Tai Sin)
9. 3:25 – Thai Western (Wong Tai Sin)
10. 3:37 – Bugis (Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill)
11. 3:43 – Viet’s Choice (Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill)
12. 3:51 – Toast Box (Hollywood Plaza, Diamond Hill)
13. 3:56 – Yata Food Avenue (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
14. 4:31 – Oliver’s Super Sandwiches (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
15. 4:34 – Tiple O’s (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
16. 4:36 – The Spaghetti House (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
17. 4:45 – Starbucks Coffee (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
18. 4:56 – Pizza Express (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
19. 4:58 – Pokka Cafe Grill Specialist (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
20. 5:01 – Greyhound Cafe (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
21. 5:05 – Godiva (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
22. 5:09 – Iki Teppanyaki Bento (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
23. 5:11 – School Food (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
24. 5:15 – Parkview (New Town Plaza, Shatin)
25. 5:20 – McDonald’s (Lucky Plaza, Shatin)

You can just find these restaurants anywhere in Hong Kong. Just Google your way to the branch near you.

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