30 Secrets & Things to do in Hong Kong

30 Secrets & Things to do in Hong Kong

This is my ultimate travel guide for Hong Kong – pearl of the orient including 30 secrets, best foods to eat and best places to visit which I carefully selected. There are plenty of things to do in Hong Kong like Hing Kee, Lugard Street, Lan Fong Yuen, Yum Cha, Tim Ho Wan, Roasted Pigeon, Yik Cheong Building, Symphony of Lights and the beyond amazing Hong Kong Nightlife. Subscribe to my channel ► https://bit.ly/2aeuh9b for new videos!

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Hong Kong may appear to be massive when you look at photos of its skyline but trust me it is very conveniently packed and can be easily explored within 2 days. I recommend you kick-off Hong Kong at the Victoria Peak which offers amazing views of the Hong Kong island skyline, but avoid paying $7 USD for the Skyterrace, instead take a 15-minute hike on the Lugard Road which leads to the best skyline view of Hong Kong, an even better tip; take a 10-minute taxi ride at 7am to see the sunrise.

Great attractions on Hong Kong island are the Yik Cheong building at Quarry Bay, easily reachable by subway and Oddies, Hong Kong style egg-waffles in the Central district.

Other typical places to visit are Lan Fong Yuen, for their special Hong Kong tea ($3 USD), filtered to actual stockings, leaving no residue. Also try their buns seared with condensed milk.

Hong Kong’s architecture is very special since it is designed with Feng Shui in consideration, which harmonizes the building with people and their environment.

The most bizarre dish I must have eaten was the wild pigeon at Kwan Yu Roasted Meats in Causeway Bay, an entire roasted pigeon for $6 USD with a cup of extremely strong tea. A meal for champions to say the least.

For a more delightful dinner, venture out to Yung Kee Restaurant for their Signature Charcoal Roasted Goose for $35 USD. Crispy goose skin covered juicy goose meat, a true local delicacy.

Hong Kong also offers very fun restaurants and great for food photography, especially Yum Cha, for their cute dim sum steamer baskets containing piggy pork buns, pineapple bird cakes in a cage and funky molten custard buns. Make sure to poke a hole for the hot custard to ooze out of its mouth. I even ran into a few Reformatt subscribers from Japan and Hong Kong who were also dining at the same restaurant.

Another bizarre restaurant is Hoi Tin Tong where you can try out the local turtle jelly which apparently cures you from a hangover. Although pricey, at $15 USD you may expect a lot, but it is very blend until you pour some honey into the mix. Their best treat is the almond pudding, this was beyond delicious for just $2 USD.

Man Mo Temple, one of Hong Kong’s oldest temples and is now a declared monument, dedicated to the gods of literature and war. Built in 1847 during the Qing Dynasty by wealthy Chinese merchants, it is an excellent place for photography and to overdose on incense.

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The BEST Hong Kong dim sum can be experience at Michelin-star restaurant Tim Ho Wan, for extremely cheap prices, Shumai at $4 USD, Har Gow at $4 USD and BBQ pork buns at $3 USD, basically $1 USD per item. Absolutely ridiculously cheap for Michelin rated food. Arrive before 5pm to avoid any line-ups.

I was joined by my long time Hong Kong friends, who I often meet on my annual trips to Tokyo, for a Kowloon adventure. Ken, Akira, AWeichai and Zacky took me to Temple Street Night Market to level up on my street bargaining with the local vendors, topping it off at a typical Hong Kong restaurant; Hing Kee, for clay pot rice bowls, oyster cake and a delicious crab experience.

If time permits, visit the local Hong Kong market; Flower Market, Bird Market and Goldfish Market in the Mong Kok district in Kowloon, just across the Hong Kong Bay. Indulged yourself in the local Hong Kong culture at these markets.

In conclusion I have to say that Hong Kong is one of the coolest cities I’ve ever been to, but you must remember, Hong Kong is a pure business city, the locals can be very rushed and occupied. Hong Kong never really focused on being a hardcore tourist destination so keep that in mind. This itinerary is ideal for 2 days in Hong Kong, everything is within proximity, so you won’t spent too much time travelling around.

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