4K Kharkiv, Ukraine: Time-Lapse Travel Log

4K Kharkiv, Ukraine: Time-Lapse Travel Log

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Music by: Johan Ahn

When I travel, like most people, I like to photograph my experiences. However, I think at times people can get too caught up with photographing their surroundings as opposed to taking them in with their own eyes. When I travel I like to do something I call a “Time-Lapse Travel Log”. In order to get a time-lapse shot, I need to take numerous photos. Working with RAW files, I can only take a limited amount of photos. I look at each shot in the video as a ‘photo’. In a way, I think of it as having a 35mm camera with just one roll of film. I need to only take the shots that I like or the shots that matter. Since it takes a while to get one ‘shot’ or ‘scene’, I get the luxury of taking in the surroundings and it forces me to take a moment to slow down, as opposed to hurrying around to see as many sights and places as possible.

These shots were captured September 2019.

All of these time lapse shots are 4K ready. For any inquires about these time lapse shots, or any others, please contact me at ‘smukie@mac.com’ or at +82 10.2254.2481

I am based in Seoul, South Korea.

Technical Specs:
Camera: Sony a99
Lenses: Samyang VDSLR II primes
Images edited with Adobe Lightroom
Stills were rendered into videos using LRTimelapse 5

Composer: Johan Ahn

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Thanks for checking this out!

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