6 Places In The World Where Sun Never Sets

6 Places In The World Where Sun Never Sets

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Places In The World Where Sun Never Sets
Number one Norway
Situated in the Arctic Circle, Norway is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. For about a period of 76 days from May to late July, the sun never sets. The bright
sunlight engulfs the entire region for about 20 hours a day. In Svalbard, Norway, which is the northern-most inhabited region of Europe, the sun shines continuously
from April 10 to August 23. The reason for the light found by the scientist is that it is because of the fact that earth is somewhat slanted on its axis. So when the
hemisphere of the northern side is twisted in the direction of the face of the sun (at the time of summer), the light arises from the lateral of the earth specifically
in light of the day and above the night-side up at the highest point of the world.

Number two Canada
The world’s second largest country, several parts of Canada is covered with snow all through the year. In places like Inuvik and the Northwest territories, the sun
shines for about 50 days in summer. According to some people residing there, the sun set on 6 December 2016 and it didn’t rise again until the 6th of January. The town also went
through an abrupt temperature change. The town’s 3,400 residents, some of whose families have lived there for thousands of years, are used to the extreme weather changes.
In the winter, people sleep in a lot longer, and when the sun’s out they like to stay out longer. For those who haven’t seen the midnight sun, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime
kind of thing

Number three Alaska
A trip to Alaska is often on most people’s bucket lists. Alaska is full of mystery for many. The midnight sun is one of the mysteries that summer visitor’s have a chance
to experience and understand.The sun doesn’t set in the country of Alaska from late May to late July. Beautiful and breathtaking, the country is in darkness in the harsh
months of winter. The sun travels in an Arc around Alaska, meaning that even when the sun dips below the horizon there is a very bright twilight. Because of this arc –
Fairbanks experiences very bright periods of twilight and receives 24 hours of daylight for most of the summer. Known for its spectacular glaciers and snow-capped
mountains; you can go hiking or sightseeing. Imagine watching those beautiful mountains glistening with snow at 2 am in morning. You can even go whale watching.

Number four Iceland
A beautiful country, Iceland is Europe’s largest island after Great Britain. Iceland gets sunlight from May 10 through July, where the sun is above the horizon all the
time. The days are long during the summertime. Although the Midnight Sun peaks in June, then Iceland’s nights are bright as early as May and as late as
August. This is due to Iceland’s proximity to the Arctic Circle; in actual fact, the Arctic Circle does cross over Iceland, just, incorporating Grímsey island at the
northernmost tip of Iceland.Besides the breathtaking northern lights, the country offers various delightful activities like hiking, wildlife watching, whale watching,
caving, cycling and visiting the national parks.

Number five Sweden
Usually warmer as compared to the other countries mentioned earlier, the sun in Sweden sets around midnight and is up again at 4:30 am, from early May to late August. You
can spend these long days by keep yourself busy with adventurous activities. From the start of may until the second week of august, it’s possible to see the midnight

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