Are Budget Hammocks Worth It? | Great Home Single Hammock

Are Budget Hammocks Worth It? | Great Home Single Hammock

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I often get approached by brands looking for a review of their product, and many times it’s products produced in China from sellers on Amazon. I’ve noticed that many of these products are virtually the same, but have subtle differences.
So I thought i’d talk about how I think these hammocks are worth buying and using, but for what application. Maybe I am being an elitist by saying you shouldn’t use a hammock like this one to camp in over night, but there are better options on the market for hammock camping. But for lounging around in camp, taking on a day hike, or in the backyard, these hammocks are great. They are made well, do the job and will last a long time.
– Top Quilt:
– Sleeping Bag:
– Sleeping Pad:
– Stove:
– Shelter:
– Water Filter:
– Water Storage:
– Cook Pot:
– Pillow:
– Backpack:
– Kuiu Gear:

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