Beijing residents' mass exodus home for new year holidays

Beijing residents' mass exodus home for new year holidays

1. Wide shot of train station, pans left
2. Mid shot of stairs
3. Holiday travellers walking down stairs to the station
4. Man carrying bag on shoulder
5. Close up on same
6. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Mr Wang, from Henan travelling to Hebei where he will spend the holiday week at a soft drinks factory where he works:
“In the new year, (I hope) there’s a new development and I get better recognition from my boss and at the same time maybe I can get a pay rise.”
7. Pan on traveller walking away on bridge toward train station
8. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Mr Zhu, Beijing resident:
“I think I should work hard (in the new year). If I don’t get a degree from university, there will be a lot of pressure on me because competition is very intense.”
9. Travellers going up bridge carrying bags
10. Close up on electric keyboard box being carried
11. SOUNDBITE (Mandarin) Miss Wang, from Inner Mongolia:
“I think after last year’s SARS epidemic, the Chinese government should have some effective measures and I think these measures can control the epidemic of SARS.”
12. Tilt up from stairs to train station concourse
13. Long shot of migrants
14. Wide shot of travellers entering train station
15. Mid shot of same
16. Close up and pan of sign reading: “Inflammable explosives and dangerous articles are forbidden examine your luggage for safety.”
17. Wide pan of ticket queues
18. Mid shot of crowd at ticket window
19. Close up on ticket seller
20. Wide shot of passengers in waiting lounge
21. Close up on girl with face mask
22. Pan of waiting passengers asleep to passengers queueing to leave for the train
23. Woman carrying bags down stairs
24. Pan from passengers coming down stairwell to train
25. Top shot of passengers walking by the train
26. Pan on passengers walking to train
27. Pan on train leaving the platform


The rush for home has begun for hundreds of thousands of Chinese as they prepare to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

The rush places tremendous strains on the rail and road networks as China attempts to relieve the flood by staggering departures.

It is an especially perilous period to travel on the roads.

In the western Sichuan province alone, at least 88 people died in the five days leading up to Sunday, the start of the travel rush before the holiday, which falls this year on January 22nd.

Unsafe driving were blamed for the bulk of the accidents and overcrowded vehicles pose the biggest potential threat to life.

Planes and trains remain the safest methods of travel – but transportation officials are still wary of travellers who may be illegally carrying fireworks on board.

The Chinese use large numbers of fireworks to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Each day, hundreds of thousands of workers have been leaving industrial cities along the east coast for their homes in the interior.

It’s been an eventful year with a new leadership, a deadly viral outbreak and a man in space.

Though a resurgence of SARS, the disease which gripped the nation and dented China’s economic growth last spring, remain a looming threat, most travellers are preoccupied with a more pressing concern for the new year: how to earn money.

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