Beijing Travel Guide – Kung Fu Show

Beijing Travel Guide – Kung Fu Show

Chinese Kungfu, also called martial arts (Wushu), is a sport item created by the Chinese people during a long time of historical development. Chinese Kungfu on the whole pursues the effect of wrestling and exercise with the use of one’s arms, legs and various cold arms. Correct Chinese Kungfu training improves physical ability, health, and willpower. It gives an individual an excellent method of exercise, a personal art form, a competitive sport, and a basis for self-defense and sparring. Total martial training includes Ti (kicking), Da (punching), Shuai (throwing), Na (controlling), Gi (hitting), Ci (thrusting), etc. Related to each style are basic forms, or sequences, which may involve defense strategies, offense, retreat, mobility and immobility, speed and slowness, hard or soft postures, emptiness and fullness, with or without weapons.

The top concern of the Chinese Kungfu is to settle the relationship between the body and the mind. It emphasizes the “external exercises for bones and muscles and the internal exercises for breath”. All the schools of martial arts stress “presence of mind, breath and strength”, so as to equilibrate Yin and Yang, regulate breath and blood, smoothen channels and collaterals, and build up body and strength. They settle the relationship between “form and content” of Kungfu by settling the relationship between mind and body and the relationship between oneself and his opponent. They all stress “changing according to different opponents”, and “getting opportunities through defending”.

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