Beijing Witnesses Return Rush as Spring Festival Holiday Ends

Beijing Witnesses Return Rush as Spring Festival Holiday Ends

Hundreds of thousands of Chinese people ended their seven-day Spring Festival holiday on Saturday and were heading back to Beijing to work.

The railway passenger numbers will peak on Saturday, the last day of the holiday, expected to reach 528,000 in various railway stations in the capital city.

“I came back from Henan Province. I will start to work tomorrow, so I came back a day in advance for a rest,” said a railway passenger.

According to the Beijing Railway Station, the passenger flow volume at the station rose to 120,000 on Friday, and the number will grow on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Beijing Capital International Airport will receive 257,000 passengers on Saturday. The Operations Control Center of the airport estimated that the peak time will occur between 17:30 and 18:00.

The national return rush started on Feb. 5 as hundreds of millions of Chinese people went back home for Spring Festival, China’s most important traditional holiday, which falls Feb. 8 this year.
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