Best Hotel Accommodation near Beiyue Temple, Yunnan

Best Hotel   Accommodation near Beiyue Temple, Yunnan

This is MUST WATCH video, if you are looking for the best accommodation near Beiyue Temple, Yunnan. Find Cheap and best, Budget Hotels, Luxury Hotels and resorts around Beiyue Temple, Yunnan. Our clients, reviewers and in house travel experts has voted theses hotels near Beiyue Temple, Yunnan as the best for travellers for all price range. Please note that this list is not rank wise, these are our best picks and none of the hotels mentioned in the video has paid or sponsored us. We have not mentioned the prices because prices keep on fluctuating from time to time and seasons. If you want to find out the best travel deals on these hotels, please visit our web site

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List of Best hotels near Beiyue Temple, Yunnan

A- Lijiang Sadhu Inn
China, BaishaNo.1 Sanyuanyi Village,
Baisha Old Town, Suburbs 邮政编码: 674100
+86 185 2350 7924

B- 丽江悦榕庄l
China, Yunnan Sheng, Lijiang Shi,
Gucheng Qu, 束河悦榕路
+86 888 533 1111

C- 赛拉维
China, Lijiang, Gucheng,
+86 888 511 1705

D- Zhuzhu Zaijia Inn
China, Lijiang,
白沙古镇三元一组9号 邮政编码: 674100
+86 181 0888 9912

E- 自由岁月设计旅店
Baishazhen, Yulong, Lijiang, China

F- The Bivou Lijiang
China, Lijiang Shi, Gucheng Qu,
Shuhe Residential District, 古镇中和村16号 邮政编码:
+86 888 512 9449

G- Villafound Jade Lijiang
No.36 Shang Villa, Yuhu Village,
Lijiang, China, 674100
+86 888 534 7666

H- Desti Youth Park
Gucheng, Lijiang, China
+86 888 511 9161

I- Hotel Wonderland
No.48 Dongkang Village, Lijiang,
China, 674100
+86 888 559 6333

J- Woobay Hotel
China, Lijiang,
束河古镇清泉路43号 邮政编码: 674100
+86 888 888 9692

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