best places on a cheap budget in Macau

best places on a cheap budget  in Macau

my best pick places on a cheap budget in macau (how to get there)
here’s a link for the details on how to get to those places :

1. senado square/st.paul ruin / namvan lake

from macau ferry by bus :
you can ride bus number 3 and 3a( pracaponte horta bus sign) and take off at almeida ribeiro

2. Macau fisherman wharf
if you are at the macau ferry terminal you just have to cross the footbridge and you can actually see it from there..

from macau airport..
you can ride bus mt4 drop off ponte 16 and then ride bus 3 to terminal maritimo

3. guia fortress
from macau ferry cross the footbridge go you will see golden dragon hotel..and on the left side of the hotel u will see the bus stop rua de malaca and you should ride bus 32 and take off at jardim the flora

4.penha church/ ama temple
from macau ferry terminal you can ride 28b and drop off at largo de lilau square.. from there you will see an alley up hill and from there you can actually see the penha church

ama temple..just ride 28b from macau ferry and its the last station

5. seak paivan park/ tin hau temple
from macau ferry you can ride bus 3,10, 10a and drop off to praca ferreira amaral.. from praca ferreira amaral.. you can ride bus 26 or 26a and drop off at seak paivan park

going to tin hau temple
from seakpaivan will see a big arc there and you will see shuttle bus.. those bus will drive you to the temple for leaves every 30min

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