BUDGET / FREE Accommodations While You Travel!: How To Travel for CHEAP!

BUDGET / FREE Accommodations While You Travel!: How To Travel for CHEAP!

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Hi, everyone! Sonnie here with some helpful travel hints! Accommodations can be the most expensive part of your trip, but in this video, I’d like to share some ways to get your accommodations for your next adventure for next to nothing! If you know of any more awesome tips on saving money on accommodations, please comment with them below!

*Work For Stay:* There are a ton of websites out there to help you find farms, hostels, or other types of businesses where you can work for a set number of hours per week, in exchange for housing and sometimes food. Most of these websites require a membership fee to keep them running, but they easily pay for themselves. The top three that I’d recommend are WWOOFing (World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms), Work Away and Help X, but there are many more. You don’t even necessarily need to use these websites though. We know plenty of people who just asked the hostels they were staying at if they needed any extra hand and got to stay for free that way.


*House/Pet Sitting Internationally:* I can make an entire video about our awesome experience with our International Pet Sitters so commented below if you’d like that, but for now, I’ll give some short amount of information here. You can sign up on certain websites to interview with people for a chance to house sit or pet sit for them in their countries! When we used the service, we interviewed a couple who got to spend an entire summer in Paris without paying anything for accommodations because they were flat-sitting for a family. We used Nomador, but we’ve also heard good things about Mind My House and Trusted House Sitters.


*Home Exchange:* This one can be seen in the Christmas movie, The Holiday. We’ve never been able to do this one, but if you have a home and would like to take a vacation you can swap homes with another person in their country! Both of you keep in touch with one another and you get to live like a local without paying for accommodations! Win- win! The top website for this is called Home Exchange.


*Couchsurfing:* Couchsurfing, for those of you who don’t know, is a community of travellers who offer their spare rooms or couch or whatever they have for other travellers to crash on. We’ve had mixed experiences while couchsurfing. The bad experience was pretty dang bad, but we learned a lot from it and our next two times couchsurfing was wonderful! We even made a dear friend who later couchsurfed with us in Edinburgh! I’m DEFINITELY going to make a video on this one because I feel like I have some good insider information on it.


*Stay In Hostels:* I’ll finish this list up with a classic! Hostels are the main accommodations we use while travelling. We always stay in the largest mixed dorms they have. So we’ve shared rooms with up to 18 other people sometimes. Most people are SUPER considerate, …but we do have some funny stories from getting woken up by drunks. A lot of Colleges and Universities actually convert their dorm rooms into hostels during their summers when most of their dorms are left empty too! We’ve done this previously in Slovenia.

Our AWESOME Hostels in Slovenia: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=36QYz3gQ-rA

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