Budget sleeping capsules to combat high rents

Budget sleeping capsules to combat high rents

(13 Feb 2012)
AP Television
Hong Kong, 10 Jan 2012
1. Close capsules as Eric Wong, Managing Director of Galaxy Stars Hong Kong, takes off shoes and climbs up to capsule
2. Wide Eric Wong climbing into a sleeping capsule and lying down
3. Wide Wong getting out of a sleeping capsule
4. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Eric Wong, Managing Director of Galaxy Stars Hong Kong:
“More and more individual travellers are coming from mainland China so they would be the target. We believe that after the high-speed railway comes into service, besides mainland Chinese tourists, due to the speedy development of China, more overseas backpackers would travel to destinations along the railway in mainland China, it is believed more tourists will first come to Hong Kong, and then travel to China.”
5. Tilt up two rows of sleeping capsules
6. Front shots of two sleeping capsules
7. Mid a hand inserting a key card into a cardholder inside sleeping capsule, light being turned on
8. Tilt up interior of a sleeping capsule
9. Low shot of Eric Wong standing next to sleeping capsules
10. Various of ventilation fans
11. A staff member switching on and off lights
12. A staff member demonstrating how to climb up into capsule
13. Mid Jason Cheung climbing into a sleeping capsule and lying down
14. Close of Jason Cheung putting his hands under his head while lying
15. SOUNDBITE (English) Jason Cheung, 18, a local university student:
“It’s pretty spacious because when you crawl in you can move about in here like �it’s actually pretty tall in here so you don’t need to worry about like hitting your head or something, and you can move about in here. And even when you are asleep, like people roll around when they sleep, you don’t need to worry about hitting stuff, because it’s not really that hard, and it’s just pretty comfy in there I think.”
16. Wide potential customers visiting the showroom
17. SOUNDBITE (Cantonese) Sunny Wong, Businessman:
“First, hotels in Hong Kong are way too expensive. Some of the tourists do not want to spend so much (on accommodation), so these (sleeping capsules ) might suit them, as an alternative.”
18. Tracking shot of the sleeping capsule
19. Wide people crossing the tramways in Wanchai district
20. Mid trams moving
21. VOX POP (English) Koebe, a tourist from Frankfurt, Germany:
“I think it’s pretty small, but I think it’s a pretty reasonable way to have a stay here in Hong Kong, because Hong Kong is very expensive, and for people who just want to travel and to see the city and who don’t want to have comfort and luxury and something like that, I think it’s a pretty reasonable way to stay here because it’s cheap, you can sleep, yeah.”
22. People crossing road
23. VOX POP (English) Annie Maus, 34, a tourist from Frankfurt, Germany:
“I am a person who loves freedom. I am not sure if this is a good place for sleeping and for dreaming as well, but maybe you get used to it. But for me, it’s too small. I guess I get the problem with the space.”
24. Various residential buildings
25. Shot from inside the capsule, a staff rolling down the blind
26. A blind rolled down at one capsule
Hong Kong may soon have its first capsule hotel.
It’s a type of budget guesthouse which provides sleeping compartments – each no bigger than a single bed.
A local company sees it as a potential business opportunity in Hong Kong where rent levels are among the highest in the world.
Eric Wong demonstrates how to climb up the steps and crawl into a sleeping capsule in a showroom in downtown Hong Kong.
His company, Galaxy Stars Hong Kong, is planning to introduce this kind of accommodation in low-cost guesthouses in Hong Kong.
Like other hotel rooms, a key is required to activate the power.
So what do the tourists think?

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