Cantonese Food | Eating Local Guangzhou Specialties!

Cantonese Food | Eating Local Guangzhou Specialties!

I was in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong Province, a few weeks ago, and I filmed a couple of food videos while I was there. I try three things in this video: 鱼皮 (fish skin),肠粉 (rice milk rollups),and 艇仔粥 (Fish Dough Twist Porridge). They’re all local Guangdong specialties, and people go crazy for them there!

Guangdong Food, or Yue Cai (粤菜), is considered one of the best kinds of food in China, and I can understand why! Although I consider Sichuan Food (川菜 Chuan Cai) better than Cantonese food, it’s still really awesome! You can definitely tell that I enjoyed myself in Guangzhou. Man, living in China is awesome!! 🙂

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