China Eastern business class | Shanghai to Sydney

China Eastern business class | Shanghai to Sydney

Hi travellers,
In this video I show inside the daily over night flight onboard China Eastern business class MU735. This B777-300er flight leaves daily at 12:05pm and arrives in Sydney at 1:35pm the same day.

This is a code share flight with Qantas, I booked as QF302 and earned status credits.

This shows a very light load, so why do they sit us all together?

I was disappointed as I have never been hungry on a business class flight before. Surely, I could have ordered more, but the food was not to my taste. Yes I ordered Western style food, because I live in China and can have Chinese food any other day of the week.

The pros – pjs, slippers, water bottle, wifi, quick meal service, no communication difficulties

The cons- food, menus only held by the staff, small blanket, small footwell, glare on tv screen

I paid for this flight.


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