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Hello 大家好 Today we're going to the train station 我们今天去火车站。 We're going to teach you useful phrases to use in the train station

We'll also teach you how to buy high speed train tickets Join us and get an inside look of a Chinese train station Before we go, have you traveled by high-speed train in China? Let us know in the comments about your experience If you're learning Chinese, hit the subscribe button for future content All right let's go to the train station

我们走吧! Driver, please take me to Beijing South Train Station 司机,请带我到北京火车南站。 You can also use the subway to reach all of Beijing's train stations It's really convenient and you'll avoid the traffic Don't forget your luggage! 别忘了你的行李! Entrance 进站口 East 3 security passageway 东3安检通道 What time does our train depart? 我们的火车什么时候出发? From what platform does our train depart? 我们的火车在哪个站台出发? Ticket office 售票处 Please give me your passport 请给我你的护照。 Yummy

好吃 We have included a handout in the description that teaches you how to read your train ticket Trains usually start boarding 20 to 25 minutes before departure We are looking at gates 8 B and 9 B which use the same door The blue display says the train number , the destination, the departure time, the platform, and the carriage numbers Your platform number is found on your ticket and on information boards around the station

If you are sitting in carriages 1 to 10, you would enter through gate B If you are sitting in carriages 11 to however long the train is, you would enter through gate A which is located directly opposite of gate B As you approach the gate hold your ticket and passport An employee will help you enter the gate Outside on each carriage you will find a display showing the train number, carriage number, departure station, and arrival station All of this information is printed on your ticket in pinyin so you can read it and double-check that you're getting on the right train Row numbers and seat numbers are posted above each row just like on an airplane Now you can sit back and relax You've made it! These seats have a lot of legroom and recline far back without invading the personal space of the person behind you

I prefer traveling by high-speed rail over flying You avoid airport security, restrictions on liquids, and cramped economy seats Domestic Chinese flights are plagued with delays But the high speed trains leave on the minute every time Tripcom has a convenient English website and APP to book rail tickets Then you pick up those tickets at the train station from a window like earlier in this video You will need your passport to pick up your tickets

Always have your passport with you when you are traveling within China I like to arrive to the train station 60 minutes before departure especially if it's a holiday weekend The station can be busy and the ticket pick-up line can be long if If you're concerned about missing your train you can go to the train station before the day of your departure and pick up your tickets early When picking up your tickets you can get both your outward bound and return ticket at the same time That way you don't have to stand in line again at the return train station On this trip to Qingdao the tickets were 314 renminbi each way So if you total that and convert it to US dollars it's around 92 US dollars In addition to the spacious legroom each row has an outlet so you can charge your devices There is a snack car but options are limited so pro tip: Buy food from one of the delicious restaurants at the station and bring it on board Most carriages have two toilets: a squat toilet and a western-style toilet If you learned something in this video, please hit the like button Down below in the description we've included a link to Tripcom's website You can use their website to buy high speed train ticket in China

if you're learning Chinese, check out our Chinese language resources in the description If you're interested in practicing spoken Chinese, I offer a one on one video tutoring You can send us an email to chinesejourneynow@gmailcom And as you continue your Chinese journey 加油!

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