China, Shanghai 2018 – our family trip

We're all aboard the sleeper train! Oooh! Pot noodle! Has it got the spicy curry flavour? Ha, I don't know Has it got proper pot noodle or are you talking about some Chinese knock-off Yeah, Chinese one Didn't the Chinese invent pot noodle? It is pot noodle, yes That's noodle in a pot It's not the same thing, this is branded Pot Noodle is a brand It's time to go to sleep See you in Shanghai! So where are we today, Daddy? We're in Xi Wu, West Lake, Hangzhou The sun is setting It's so boring here, I hate it! We are in here in Shanghai It's time for Kevin to wake up It is Monday the 10th of September and we're currently in a minibus in Suzhou on the way to Tongli, an ancient canal town It's called 'banh da' in Vietnamese (eat) when I went to cinema before, when I was in Vietnam Or go to school Banh da (Amy)- What's inside? It's just like naan bread plain Guess how much our noodles were! £3! For two bowls! (Amy)- Daddy, what have you bought? Dried pork Six bags of pork, two bags of dried beef That's for watching movies, like popcorn! But meat! The ancient stage, performances still happening It's very picturesque here, that's why everyone's taking a million selfies! The famous Chinese toilets How's the toilet paper situation, Mei? Painting of my the expression is it's Simba! That's it, yes Over here, we have my other expressions is anger and this one is solitude Let's move on This one I dunno This one is unknown When I was thinking about God and where he came from this came to mind And now they're parts of ancient Chinese history And that's it We're going to Disneyland!

Source: Youtube

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