CHINA TRIP – Shanghai Pudong International Airport Arrival Guide

CHINA TRIP – Shanghai Pudong International Airport Arrival Guide
This video is based on travel from Manila to Shanghai and Shanghai Airport Guide.
I took a flight of Cebu Pacific airline from Manila to Shanghai and aircraft is big with 09 seats horizontally (3 seats on left side, 3 in middle and 3 in right side). The flight time was 3 hours and 50 minutes.

The official name of China is ‘Peoples Republic of China’. It is called ‘Zhongguo (中国)’ in Chinese language. Zhongguo is a combination of two words ‘Zhong’ and ‘guo’, Zhong means Middle, while guo means country/kingdom, which means ‘Middle Kingdom’.
China is located in East Asia. China is the populous country in the world. Its capital city is Beijing and currency is Yuan/Renminbi.

I arrived at Pudong International Airport, Terminal 2, Shanghai, China. The immigration done in two step process:
Step 1: Go to self-collection of fingerprints machine, submit fingerprints to the machine by scanning your passport and machine gives you a receipt with written ‘OK’. (If you are first time entering in China)
Step 2: go to immigration counter

Currency Exchanger charge some extra fees which is around Rs 1000 ($ 6) at Airport and rate was low.

You can get FREE Wi-Fi at Pudong International Airport, Terminal 2 by just scanning passport on ‘Wi-Fi Password Kiosk’ machine, you will get username and password.

There are two Terminals at Pudong International Airport Shanghai Terminal 1 and Terminal 2, both terminals are connected with each other by walk.

Shanghai Metro is the biggest network in the world and it has 17 metro lines connected with each other. Metro runs from airport to downtown. The timing is from 06:00 to 22:30 and you can get metro line 2 at airport. Metro card can be purchased in 20 rmb and that is refundable when you return card.

Night buses are available after 23:00 to till 45 minutes after arriving of last domestic flight.

You need to use VPN to run Google, Facebook, YouTube, anything related with google.

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Manila to Shanghai – |Pudong International Airport Shanghai Guide|

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