CHINESE STREET FOOD – Qingping Market Street Food Tour in Guangzhou China | BEST Dim Sum in China

CHINESE STREET FOOD – Qingping Market Street Food Tour in Guangzhou China | BEST Dim Sum in China


What’s up everyone! Luke Martin here from Chopstick Travel. Today we take you on a STREET FOOD tour through Guangzhou China (aka Canton), for some amazing Cantonese/Chinese local cuisine and street food. Similar to Hong Kong, Guangzhou, China is home to unique and delicious street food and we want to introduce these foods to you so that you can enjoy Guangzhou China as much as we did! In this street food guide, we eat:

1. Dim Sum (Yam cha)
Dim sum is an essential part of Cantonese cuisine throughout China. It consists of various small dishes that have been steamed in steam baskets, and served with tea. You can have it in fancy brunch restaurants as well as street food style! We get to sample: cheong fun, siu mai, char siu bao, chicken feet and more! Here is the restaurant information:

Dian Dou De (Huancheng) – 点都德(花城店)
16 Huacheng Ave (2nd floor) – 花城大道16号(凯蓝大厦2楼)
Hours: Mon – Sun 9:00 to 22:00

2. Roast Meat
Roast meat is another typical yet vital dish in Cantonese cuisine and found throughout China. You will usually see the golden crispy meat hanging from windows outside street food stalls, selling out quick! We chose to try the BBQ Pork meat right outside the incredible Qingping Market (one of the most popular medicinal markets in Guangzhou, and in all of China!). So delicious and sweet! Here is the street food stall information:

Yongxing Roast Meat Shop – 永兴烧腊店
21-4 Tiyun East Rd. – 梯云东路21-4号
Hours: Mon – Sun 10:30 to 14:30 and 16:00 to 18:00

3. Double Skin Milk (燉雙皮奶)
An all-time favourite and traditional dessert in Guangzhou China you don’t want to miss! Street food vendors will first boil buffalo milk (for extra richness) and allow it to cool, forming a layer of skin. Peeling the skin away (and saving for later of course) they add sugar and egg to the milk to create a creamy custard. They boil the custard and pour it onto the first skin and allow it to cool to create delicious custard between two skins. Want to give it a try? Check this place out:

Baihua Tianpin – 百花甜品店
210 Wenming Rd. (near Zhongshan Library) – 文明路210号(近中山图书馆)
Hours: Mon – Sun 9:30 to midnight

4. Claypot Rice
A dish found throughout southern China, and is extremely famous in Guangzhou, is the claypot rice. Although restaurants will have different ingredients, one thing remains the same, crispy burnt rice! We get to try an amazing beef and egg claypot rice at a local and cheap street food stall in the centre of downtown Guangzhou. You can visit this spot too:

Wanxing Claypot Rice – 万兴煲仔饭图片
289 Wanfu Rd. – 万福路289号

We hope you enjoyed our first video from our China Street Food series in Guangzhou China. We absolutely LOVED Cantonese style food and wanted to make sure you got to enjoy it as much as we did during your visit to China! Make sure to let us know what your favourite Cantonese (or Chinese) dish is in the comments and where you tried it! Thanks for watching!

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Always remember that the best part of travel is immersing yourselves in the local culture, and no where better can you immerse yourself than into the Street Food!

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