CLOCK TOWER HONG KONG | China Travel Guide

CLOCK TOWER HONG KONG | China Travel Guide

Discover with us what are the essential plans you must do if you want to know Hong Kong thoroughly.

In this video, you will find one of the most famous places that you can not miss, and that will make your visit to Hong Kong an unforgettable trip.

The old Clock Tower was erected in 1915 as part of the Kowloon-Canton railway station and is, curiously, the only part of the station that still survives.

This colonial building is a historic place remembered by the thousands of Chinese immigrants who passed through the station in search of a new life, not only in Hong Kong but in other parts of the world through the city’s port.

The tower is located very close to the port, near the Star Ferri Terminal, on the Kowloon peninsula, just in front of the spectacular Hong Kong Skyline. It is 44 meters high and can be climbed to its top by a wooden staircase. The interior of the tower, however, is currently closed for maintenance, so it does not admit visitors.

this construction is made of granite and red brick and is very characteristic. It is cataloged, in fact, as a declared monument of the city since 1990.

In the vicinity of this atypical building, you can find the promenade, the art and space museum, the Star Ferry Terminal, the Avenue of the Stars and about 400 meters of the wonderful Kowloon Park. If you want to get there by subway, the station is Tsim Sha Tsui

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