Clothing Wholesale & Fashion Markets in Guangzhou| Business travel tips in Canton

Clothing Wholesale & Fashion Markets in Guangzhou| Business travel tips in Canton

The Wholesale Clothing & Fashion Markets at Guangzhou Railway Station

The city sells almost everything no stranger to garment with garment markets dating back a few decades ago.
The area around Guangzhou Railway Station is a mecca for wholesale garments, fashion accessories and even shoes and leather goods. Here you can find dresses, casual, sports, Korean styles, European styles, costumes, children’s clothes and fashion accessories. The markets are located in multi-level buildings with anywhere from 200 to 1800 individual stalls/stores in each one and these buildings are spread out across several blocks on either side of the railway station.

Most are wholesale only and will mostly only want to deal with people looking to buy in bulk, that said, there are many that have clearances of display lines, or willing to sell one time purchases. Recently some stores have become more open to selling to the general public. For wholesale fashion buyers, this is the place for you.

Most stores open from 10 am and some close at 6 pm. Some more retail orientated stores may stay open till as late as ten pm.

Stores range from big open bags of clothes on the floor through to very cool concept like store fit-outs. Quality and styles are also diverse. Most places will not allow trying on of garments and inspect everything and are 100% happy before handing over money. There are no warranties or returns in most cases.

This is in no way a complete list of the markets in the area, there are so many, but these would be the highlights.

Baima Clothing Market 白马服饰批发市场 is located beside the railway station, and 2 Coach Terminals, so transportation is very convenient.

Bai Ma is the largest and most important one. Retail and wholesale are acceptable, but most of people come here for wholesale only, you can order the particular item, the minimum order is 100 pieces, that kind of small order will take no more than 15 days, you can pick 1 piece per style, the prices will be higher than order, but lower than retail. You will find all kinds of clothing, outdoor clothing, street fashion, high fashion, evening wear, casual wear, men’s and women’s clothing. Basically – if you need clothes, you can find them here. There are 8 floors of wholesale shops here. It is high-grade garments in the spot wholesale, retail centre and a center clothing brand franchise chain. Women, Men, suits, evening wear, casual wear, Tang Costume, shirts, jackets, coats, underwear … superior sections show the latest fashion trend.

Product quality is usually quite good in this market, and therefore the price might be a bit higher than in other markets. Brands are mostly original Chinese brands but you will find fake international brands here as well, and the quality is quite good.

After visiting Baima Clothing Market, you can walk around, because there are many markets surrounding the area. See more markets in the Guangzhou Railway Station area.


Baima Market is the most popular single market and gets the highest turnover for high end clothing and fashion (located opposite Guangzhou Railway Station 16 Zhan Nan Road Zhan Nan Road 站南路16号白马服装批发市场). Listed 8 of 184 Best Shopping on TripAdvisor (2016).
Zhanxi is a shopping area with many wholesale markets (near Guangzhou Station and the Provincial Bus Station 1-4 Zhan Xi Rd 站西路1-4号东侧)
Liu Hua is near Guangzhou Station and adjacent to the Provincial Bus Station. It is actually a giant large market cluster with 13 clothing wholesale centers including Baima, Bubugao, Tianma clothing market, Xindadi, and Fuli (194 Huan Shi Xi Road 环市西路194号).
Xindadi is situated opposite Baima and mainly sales woolen sweaters and cardigan (part of the Liu Hua market area)
Hongmian Bubugao is located behind Baima and famous for women’s clothing (part of Liu Hua market area)

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