Getting speed trains from Guangzhou to nearby cities

Getting speed trains from Guangzhou to nearby cities

Guangzhou is the third largest city in China, also it’s the capital of Guangdong province. It’s served as the transportation hub and landing point. Lots of people who come to Guangzhou might want to visit factories in the nearby cities. How to get to the other cities to Guangzhou?
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Guangzhou is about 120 km (75 mi) north-northwest of Hong Kong and 145 km (90 mi) north of Macau, extends into the neighboring cities of Foshan, Dongguan, Zhongshan and Shenzhen, forming one of the largest urban agglomerations on the planet.

There are three train stations, guangzhou railway station, guangzhou east , guangzhou south.
The best way to go to and from the station by public transportation is by taxi or subway.
Guangzhou Train Station is one of the biggest stations in China and mostly for slow regular trains and long distance travel,also have some trains go to Hong Kong/Shenzhen. It is a big old station in the west central city area. Try to avoid guangzhou railway station if you can, its old and has a lot of people.The train station i like to use is guangzhou east station. The station is in the city center and also in tianhe business district. There are also restaurants (like Starbucks & McDonald), hotels and shops in or around the square. sometimes, i go the restaurants there before or after i am getting the train.Note that these lines get packed from about 7:30 am to 9:00 am and 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

It is heavily used by tourists and business people from Hong Kong who come via the Luohu Border Port. They take the high-speed train at Shenzhen Station and access the metro below to travel in the city or to go to the airport and train stations.The fast train to Luohu, Shenzhen is the busiest route by far and one of the busiest in the whole country. from 06:30 to 22:45. There is a train every 15 to 30 minutes, and it takes about 1 hour and 12 minutes. and you go get to Cross Border Guangzhou East — Hung Hom Station 红磡站, Hong Kong Z-class trains, 2 hours to cover 182 kilometers, 210 HKD (27 USD) See Guangzhou to Hong Kong Through Trains.

Guangzhou South : The problem with Guangzhou South however is that it takes longer to reach it from central Guangzhou where most tourists and business people want to go.This station is only about 10 kilometers away, and it would seem that going by subway is quick and fast, but it isn’t. Journey time by metro is about 40 minutes (4 RMB). Taking the taxi is faster and less stressful.

This train station also goes to shenzhen and honkong, Futian Station and Shenzhen North: There are now very fast bullet trains that take about 33 minutes to Shenzhen North and 50 minutes to Futian Station.Those going to the Canton Trade Fair or Chimelong Resort/Safari Park might find it convenient since it can now be accessed directly from the Shenzhen Futian financial district. Guangzhou – Shenzhen – Hong Kong High Speed Train will open in the third quarter of 2018, by then Hong Kong can be reached within 48 minutes。 All the train to shenzhen stops in dong guan.

Here is quick way to get from Guangzhou to Macau and Zhuhai and for going to/from Chimelong Resort or the Canton Fair from there. If you going to cities like zhongshan or jiangmen, this train stops in a few places in those cities.
Here are the address for the stations:
Guangzhou Railway Station/广州火车站
Address: 159 Huanshi Xilu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 越秀区环市西路159号
Location: 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Baiyun International Airport.
Metro: Take the metro Line 2 or Line 5 to Guangzhou Metro Station (广州站地铁站).
Station size: 4 platforms

Guangzhou East Station/广州东站
Address: 1 Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong 广州市天河区东站路1号
Location: 38 kilometers (24 miles) from Baiyun International Airport.
Metro: Line 1 or Line 3 to Guangzhou East Metro Station (广州东站地铁站).
Station size: 12 platforms (5 island platforms, 2 side platforms)

Guangzhou South/广州南站 Gǔangzhōu Nán Zhàn /gwung-joh nan jan/
Address: South of Shixing Avenue, Shibi Street, Panyu District, Guangzhou. 广州番禹区石壁街石兴大道南
Location: 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Baiyun International Airport and about 9 kilometers (5 miles) from downtown Tianhe District.
Metro: Take the metro Line 2 or Line 7 (open in 2017) to Guangzhou South Metro Station (广州南站地铁站).
Station size: 28 platforms (13 island platforms, 2 side platforms) and 2 metro platforms

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