Guangzhou Beauty and Cosmetics Market 2019 (广州怡发国际化妆品采购中心) (Alibaba sourcing/ wholesale sourcing)

Guangzhou Beauty and Cosmetics Market 2019 (广州怡发国际化妆品采购中心) (Alibaba sourcing/ wholesale sourcing)

It was a sunny weekend morning and my friend Chris from Peru (his Youtube channel: Chris Factory) and I did a cosmetic market tour in Yifa Beauty and Cosmetics Wholesales Market in Guangzhou, which we have arranged since a long time ago however had no time.
Guangzhou has many wholesales markets for different industries. For Beauty and Cosmetics there are mainly two: Yifa and Meibo.
This one in our video is Yifa and locates in Guangzhou’s Baiyun District.
In fact as online business grows so fast in almost all countries, not only B2C but also B2B, alibaba has become one of the most important field for sourcing and purchasing, so that more revenues are actually closed via the internet.
But wholesales markets still have their meaning as reference, stock direct purchasing, sample purchasing, brand output, brand promotion etc.
Most shops in the wholesales markets are factory shops, which means they have their own factories. And usually they have more patterns for bulk order than they show in their shops.

In this Guangzhou beauty and cosmetics market tour video, we shot with different devices, bigger camera, cell phones, and also this DJI Osmo Pocket of Chris.
It is a really good equipment for video shooting considering its size. The video quality is good, better than our phones. Although it could not reach that of a professional big camera, but its size is really good for those who travel often.
Even you do not travel through different cities, just travel to work back and forth everyday with metro, imagine how crowded it always is in metro trains and stations, a pocket camera like DJI Osmo Pocket would be such a good choice considering it shoots 4K, 60ftp.
Although these days many phones could also shoot 4K, but in reality when we are out for a video shooting, we need to bring more than one device for backup, things could happen such as battery runs out, needs the phone for navigation, it falls one the floor and breaks, or other unplanned occasions.

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Music in this video:
Joakim Karud – Dreams
From the Youtube music channel ChilledCow
Pls support these music channels and artists. They are great.

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