This was such a surprising hike! Finishing a hike in the beach is something I was not expecting!

How to get here:

For you to get here you need to make yourself to SHAU KEI WAN metro station. Once you get there take the EXIT A in order for you to get out just in front of the bus terminal.
Once you exit the station you will see signs for the BUS NUMBER 9 going to SHEK O. Take that bus which is just 1 min walk from the metro exit.
There is a bus stop just in front of the start of the dragon’s back hiking trail but you must press the button on the bus in order for it to stop. Check on google maps the start of the trail and put a star on it, once you reach close there ask for driver to stop.
This dragon’s back hiking trail starts with a lot of stairs going up, it is a bit hard in the beginning but once you get up there the rest of the trail is quite easy. The landscapes are amazing so If you are around Hong Kong don’t hesitate in doing it.
I hope you have enjoyed this guide, it is quite easy to get to this dragon’s back trail.

Hit me up in the comments for any questions!

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