History of Hong Kong

History of Hong Kong

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Comments about certain points in the video.

0:00 I tried to draw the maps in the video to the best of my ability and known borders. I am sorry for any mistakes I could have made.

1:36 There are some texts about this period describing certain political entities in southern China however they are quite vague and inaccurate and there for we can’t know for sure of the political entities in south China at this point.

2:44 I only specified the political entities that control the region of Hong Kong as oppose to all the dynasties in other parts of Chinese.

3:53 These aren’t the actual divisions between the control of the families they are there just to represent the idea.

4:46 These pirates didn’t have a base in Hong Kong per say but pirates from the pirate federation where known to use the Hong Kong ports and surrounding islands/bays. (Extra Credits link about these pirates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-p2lhxUqMMQ&t=558s)

5:57 The politics and economics of the war where more complicated than that but there was no time to get in to it.

7:42 These where important as they where the only sources of education and health care in early days of Hong Kong.

7:47 It is also argued that this was just an excuse to acquire more land for housing and expansion of the colony.

8:00 Kowloon peninsula wasn’t very developed to start with but it was still very important to the colony as it offered much needed expansion space for the growing population.

8:20 The large amount of Portuguese in Hong Kong compared to other Europeans was due to the decline of business in Macau as Hong Kong became the largest trade port in the area.

10:04 At this time Hong Kong was also largely effected by the Great Depression and valuable metal markets declining. This also added to the large instability of Hong Kong during the interwar period.

10:15 The day difference is due to the time change between Hong Kong and Pearl Harbor.

11:33 The picture is of Today’s Hong Kong parliament as beck then it was under British jurisdiction.

12:02 Obviously the ramification of splitting New colonies of Hong Kong and the Island and Kowloon would be much larger then just cutting of the transportation system but I put it there as it symbolizes the point I was trying to make quite well.

12:08 I am sorry for not mentioning or showing Macau at all but this video was focused on Hong Kong.

13:00 The exact origin and or meaning of the name is still debated and there are multiple different ideas as to where the name is from or what it refers to.

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