Hong Kong & Macau Travel VLOG

Hong Kong & Macau Travel VLOG

A travel vlog from my trip to Hong Kong and Macau in 2007. Never before seen on Youtube, I pulled this video out of my “pre-youtube” archives. I think everything is still relevant today for visiting Hong Kong and Macau!

The video starts with a montage of the sights and street scene in Macau. I then hop on the ferry to Macau. In Macau I tour the old Portuguese sections of town before heading back to the Big Buddha in Hong Kong. Not having enough temples, I then visit the Man Mo Temple in Hong Kong (I have never smelled that much incense before!)

At 4:15 I take the tram up to “The Peak” aka Victoria’s peak. The Peak is where you can get the best view Hong Kong, and do some great hiking.

At 6:25 I visit Hong Kong’s Goldfish Street, an entire street of goldfish vendors. At 6:50 I visit the Chungking Mansions…
7:10 – Temple Street Night Market
7:35 – Hong Kong Electronic’s Market
7:50 – Food in Hong Kong — including Maxim’s Dim Sum in City Hall

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