Hong Kong Summer August 2019

Hong Kong Summer August 2019

Just a casual vacation in HongKong for the 2nd time, covered mainly both hong kong (Central, WanChai, Fortress Hill, North Point) and kowloon (YauMaTei, ShamSuiPo,Jordan, HungHom), and TaiPo, just to experience the heartland housing estate.

2nd time visiting and had our flight rescheduled due to the protest. Just when we are able to observe police and riot gears from up close like HK drama. Definitely, an interesting experience to juxtapose Singapore and Hongkong, particularly from the urban design perspective.

As a Malaysian coming from Singapore, it’s always in my mind to benchmark food, urban design, and societal diversity 😄Here’s a vlog for the trip! And here are some observations that I will appreciate anyone’s input/comment! (which I have yet to google answers)

1. Hongkong has a strong tea time culture, arguably inherited from British, with specific menus for 2.30-6pm, but why other commonwealth countries do not have a distinctive culture like this? Say Malaysia?
2. The fare of the public transport here do not go by distance but rather full or… (half) ride. Hence, a single card tap. Why?
3. Most HK residents stay in a high rise with window AC units. It’s highly inefficient and ugly. Any engineers/urban planner here can explain why there is no improvement to use VRF multi-split inverter units?
4. Who came up with the idea of washing utensils with Chinese tea at the table?
5. I can agree that Malaysia Cantonese dishes and even DimSum (I am talking about non-franchise) can compete with HongKong standard.
6. Anecdotal observations suggest more Indonesian helpers, relatively compare to Singapore, why?
7. In Singapore, young people pile up MCD tables with their laptops and books, in HK, mostly senior elderly people flip their newspaper.

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