Hong Kong Travel Tips 馬來西亞人來香港旅遊?先聽下我的提示吧 【字幕】[Eng Subs]

Hong Kong Travel Tips 馬來西亞人來香港旅遊?先聽下我的提示吧 【字幕】[Eng Subs]

I realized that some of my friends did not have a good experience visiting Hong Kong. So I decided to pull out these 5 good tips for all Malaysians who are planning to come over Hong Kong. These tips will make your trip amazing and memorable, and most importantly avoid spending extra money!



Check out the timeline below:
0:23 – Typical Tourist Places? 去典型的旅遊景點?
2:21 – Entering to a Hong Kong Restaurant, what to do and what to avoid from doing. 去香港茶餐厅要注意甚么?
3:58 – Drop by Macau when in Hong Kong? Perhaps somewhere? 到了香港然後拜訪澳門還是其它地方?
5:39 – Travel Smart, Save Money 明智旅游
6:25 – Don’t use MTR Airport Express, they cost a fortune! 不要搭MTR機場快線

Don’t forget to share your travel tips as well!
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