Hong Kong Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Hong Kong?

Hong Kong Travel Tips | How Expensive Is Hong Kong?

How expensive is Hong Kong? In our Hong Kong travel tips guide we cover arriving from the airport, accommodations, local transportation and free attractions in the city. We explore what to see and do and local must eats including what we loved about Hong Kong along with what we hated about Hong Kong. Now let’s explore the cost of travel in Hong Kong in depth!

Official Exchange Rate = $1 USD = 7.78 Hong Kong Dollars (current as of January, 2017)
Check out our 25 things to do in Hong Kong travel guide video = https://youtu.be/1fLb7fXmYtc

Arriving from the International Airport in Hong Kong

1) Airport Express train ride ($90 to $100 HKD = approximately $11 to $13 USD)
2) Cityflyer bus ($10 to $50 HKD = approximately $5 to $6 USD)
3) Taxi (local price = $250 to $350 approximately $45 to $50 $USD)

Accommodations in Hong Kong

1) Hostel in Hong Kong – ($17 to $30 USD)
2) 2 star or 3 star Hotel in Hong Kong – ($40 to $150 USD)
3) 4 or 5 star Hotel in Hong Kong – ($200 to $600 USD)
4) AirBnB in Hong Kong or apartment in Hong Kong (rental) – ($35 to $80 for a room and $80 to $200+ for the whole studio or apartment)

Areas to consider staying include Kowloon (Mong Kong or Tsim Sha Tsui. The cheapest and most infamous option is the Chungking Mansions.) Or consider Hong Kong Island (Causeway Bay is a popular shopping and entertainment district)

Local Transportation around Hong Kong

1) Hong MTR (Mass transit railway aka the metro subway)
2) Hong Kong Tramways double-decker trams on Hong Kong Island
3) The Peak Tram to visit Victoria Peak
4) The Star Ferry (cross from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon or vice versa)

Be sure to get an Octopus Card (八達通) which is allows you to pay for all forms of transportation in Hong Kong (aside from taxis) along with some museums, convenience stores and restaurants.

Hong Kong Free Attractions (Free things to do in Hong Kong)

1) A Symphony of Lights
2) Free Museums of Wednesday (Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong Science Museum & Hong Kong Museum of Art)
3) Free views of Hong Kong from Central Plaza on the 46th floor (Sky Lobby)
4) Hong Kong Park and Kowloon Park
5) Hiking the Dragon’s Back
6) Tian Tan Buddha and Po Lin Monastery
7) Temple Street Market
8) Noon Day Gun
9) Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden
10) Avenue of Stars (especially for the Bruce Lee statue)

Things to do in Hong Kong (Hong Kong must see)

1) Peak tram ride for incredible views of Hong Kong from Victoria Peak.

A return ticket costs HK $45 ($6 USD) for an adult and a return ticket with sky terrace admission HK $88. We personally enjoyed the free views.

What to eat in Hong Kong (Hong Kong eats)

1) Dim Sum (點心) – try Tim Ho Wan and local dim sum joints)
2) Siu Mei (燒味) and Char Siu (叉燒) – roasted meat on top of rice
3) Congee (粥) – porridge for breakfast or anytime of day
4) Hong Kong Egg Tarts and other baked goods
5) Afternoon tea at the Peninsula or a cheaper alternative (Lion Rock)

Budget meals in Hong Kong can be had for roughly $3 to $10 in USD per person and fine dining get really expensive.

Afternoon tea can range between $30 to $50 per person in USD.

Things we LOVED about Hong Kong (I love Hong Kong)

1) Most things to do and attractions in Hong Kong are FREE!
2) Dim sum is amazing and also affordable
3) Incredible transportation options (metro, star ferry, tram, etc)
4) Incredible skyline by day or night from various vantage points
5) Dynamic city with a pulse and hustle & bustle unlike any other
6) Easy to escape the city centre and get out in nature

Things we HATED about Hong Kong (I hate Hong Kong)

1) The crazy crowds and population density can really wear you down at times.
2) Worst value accommodations we’ve experienced in Asia in terms of what you get for the amount of money spent.
3) Nightlife and fine dining can get really expensive

Final Thoughts

Hong Kong is probably the most dynamic city we’ve ever visited. It is a must visit city and we highly recommend you go at least once your lifetime. We hope to return again soon.

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