Hong Kong: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 17

Hong Kong: Traveling for $20 A Day – Ep 17

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in Asia, but is it possible to travel in HK with 20 dollars a day? In fact, there are two methods for traveling HK with 20 USD (155 HKD) and I’m gonna show you how it’s done!

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First method to travel HK with 20 bucks:
Book a hostel (~$18) and buy an egg sandwich at 7/11.

Second method to travel HK with 20 bucks:
MAKE A FRIEND, sleep on their couch, have 20 bucks left over do actually do stuff for the whole day (the method I chose).

How I spent my day traveling in Hong Kong:

Star Ferry ride – 3.4 HKD
Subway ride – 4.5 HKD
Breakfast – 25 HKD
Lunch – 35 HKD
Subway ride – 13.5 HKD
Hiking Victoria Peak – FREE
Sports drink – 19.5 HKD
Dinner – 55 HKD
Accommodation – FREE (friend’s couch)

TOTAL – 155.9 HKD ($20.10)

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