Hong Kong Where to EAT and What to DO 2019 [ENG SUBS] – Vlog Myfunfoodiary

Hong Kong Where to EAT and What to DO 2019 [ENG SUBS] – Vlog Myfunfoodiary

Where to Eat Hong Kong – a food and restaurant guide with recommendations to get the best eating experience on your trip including the best dim sum!

FULL REVIEW + MAPS, visit this page http://bit.ly/hkfoodguide

There’s no denying the food in Hong Kong is the first thing we all look for when we’re traveling. We had dozens of recommendations from the internet and all my followers on Instagram (thank you guys!), and finally tried a number of them, starting from dim sum and the famous wonton noodles in Hong Kong. After my recent trip to Hong Kong, I received many questions through Direct Messages on Instagram. So, here it is; a quick summary of all our experiences – Hong Kong Food Guide: where and what to eat in Hong Kong – so you can try everything too!

Read on for where and what to eat in Hong Kong and all my favorite restaurants! bit.ly/hkfoodguide

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