How to Find Cheap Flights Online (for travelling on a budget $$$)

How to Find Cheap Flights Online (for travelling on a budget $$$)

Tutorial on how to find and book cheap flights online – FAST & EASY! Watch this video to learn how to save money on flights using Google flights.

With conventional sites and travel agencies, you’re often overpaying almost $1000 or more unknowingly. From travelling to 40+ countries (and counting) before the age of 24, Alex spent tens of thousands of dollars $$$ on airfare. Through trial and error, with lessons and mistakes along the way – this is the BEST way to find affordable airfare.

Wouldn’t you rather spend the extra $450 off your airplane ticket to live it up in Thailand for 2 week? Or go snorkeling with whale sharks in the Philippines?

Sites like Skyscanner, Kayak and Expedia get the job done….BUT they are nowhere as easy to use (and often don’t display some of the cheaper, lower-end airlines). Plus, nobody wants to have ads and 12 different windows popping up while looking for a tickets.

Google flights gets rid of all the clutter, ads, and confusion. You still get the same airfare – and often even cheaper – but with much easier interface.

TRY IT RIGHT NOW – and your travel experience will never be the same again 🙂

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