How to Pack PC Hardware/Electronics to Transport (on a Budget)

How to Pack PC Hardware/Electronics to Transport (on a Budget)

That red arrow in the thumbnail though.

If you’ve ever had to pack electronics to ship out you’ll know that the prices of doing this simple task can add up quickly. Cost of shipping is already a bit pricey when you start shipping larger items but going out to buy things like packing foam, bubble wrap, and anti-static bags can also add more to the cost. Well, there’s a way to do it to cut costs without cutting corners.

Here’s a video detailing how I safely shipped the internal components of a gaming PC to my friend. I excluded a case for this build purposefully because of horror stories like this where shipping a fully assembled computer goes wrong:

See all of these parts haphazardly assembled and benchmarked here:

Note: Audio was horrible in this video due to a combination of being in the living room as well as not using my usual microphone to record.

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