HOW TO: Spend 24 hours in for Taipei Taiwan | A Free Travel Guide

HOW TO: Spend 24 hours in  for Taipei Taiwan | A Free Travel Guide

Come join us as we visit Taipei (臺北市) in this travel guide covering the best things to do in Taipei, Taiwan (中華民國) during a 24 hour layover. When it comes to dynamic cities in Asia worth visiting Taipei may be the most underrated. You’ll be hard pressed to find a city that offers better street food, night markets and green escapes in the region.

With limited time we hit the ground running in Taipei, Taiwan covering restaurants, museums, temples, memorial shrines and shopping areas worth checking out. An absolute must in Taipei is to visit one of the many night markets where you can indulge in Taiwanese street food until you’re literally about to explode. It’s just that good and that cheap.

Overall, it is an inviting city where locals are warm and go out of their way to be kind to visitors. Come find out what makes Taipei (台北市) a favorite city of ours in Asia!

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