How to Travel Around China Be Economical | THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

How to Travel Around China Be Economical | THE ULTIMATE GUIDE

How to #Travel Around #China and To most of us, China is a land of mystery.

Time and again, we see unique Chinese culture (e.g. Chinese martial art) and scenery on movies and dream of experiencing them ourselves, but language difficulties and negative rumors make the journey beyond of our reach.

Additional Tips

Compare prices before you buy. It is possible to be ripped off, if you have a Chinese guide with you, don’t worry, he or she will bargain for you. If you are alone, ask about the price of an item (everybody knows ‘how much’ means), but don’t buy it and go to another vendor who sell the same item. Compare the items at three vendors before you buy it.

Use credit card whenever you can. There are many occasions when you need to use cash, like buying souvenirs or tasting snacks in the stalls. You will soon find that you are out of cash. So whenever you can pay by credit card, don’t use cash. For example, paying for hotels, buy stuff in supermarkets, etc.

Pay attention to your belongings. Your personal security is guaranteed, but your wallet is not. Don’t always pull out your thick wallet full of cashes and cards, instead, put some notes and your credit card in a separated pocket.

Don’t be alarmed if some people you meet in China don’t look you in the eye. In many Asian cultures, looking people in the eye is seen as offensive.

Take your shoes off indoors.

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