Live Q&A: ask the FT about China’s coronavirus response and technology

Just six weeks ago, China appeared to be reeling under the impact of the coronavirus epidemic. Today, as Covid-19 deaths in other countries outnumber those in China, the world is looking to it for answers. At the same time, the lifting of restrictions in Wuhan, where the outbreak began, is being met with anger and anxiety.

The FT’s Beijing correspondent Yuan Yang has been in China throughout the outbreak, reporting on the government’s cover-up in the early days of the crisis. Yuan has also covered how surveillance technology is being used to track cases of the disease and how official figures may be hiding unreported cases. She recently wrote about China’s efforts to appear as a global leader as the pandemic continues around the world.

As the FT’s China tech correspondent, Yuan also writes about technology more broadly and has reported on Huawei and US sanctions.

Here are just some of the questions Yuan can answer:

  • How is China keeping on top of the epidemic?

  • What are the biggest risks facing China’s recovery from coronavirus?

  • How has the surveillance state helped or hindered in China’s fight against the coronavirus?

  • How is China responding to the US’s attempts to sanction its technology companies?

Ask a question now by posting in the comment field below. Yuan will answer questions at 12pm Beijing time (5am BST) and 6pm Beijing time (11am BST) on Thursday, April 9.

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