Mike Pence calls on China to respect Hong Kong laws amid protest

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MIKE PENCE: We’re in the midst of productive discussions with China. And they’ll continue in the weeks ahead. But for the United States to make a deal with China, Beijing needs to honour its commitments, beginning with the commitment China made in 1984 to respect the integrity of Hong Kong’s laws through the Sino-British Joint declaration.


As the president said yesterday, it’ll be much harder for us to make a deal if something violent happens in Hong Kong. And I want to assure you our administration will continue to urge Beijing to act in a humanitarian manner and urge China and the demonstrators in Hong Kong to resolve their differences peaceably.

President Trump believes China wants to make a deal. But as the president has made clear, it’s got to be a deal on our terms, because China has had it so good for so long that things have to change. As the president has said, the days of stealing American jobs, American companies, and America’s ideas are over.

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