My Black Fam in Beijing: Traveling to China

My Black Fam in Beijing: Traveling to China

Last year summer, my mom, sister, and I went to Beijing, China for a week. This video details MY personal experience from the process of leaving the United States from JFK to our entire stay in Beijing. I am also using this opportunity to display our experiences as black folks traveling since that was a big part of our trip.

This is my first YouTube video. I’ll be traveling a lot more and doing a whole lot of other things, so I’ll post when I can. Hope you enjoy the video! I’ll try to respond to any comments if there are any!

Overall, I had fun. I’ll def go back when I can. It was a mixed bag, but I love traveling, learning, and exploring other cultures!

Purchased tickets/searched from Skyscanner
Airline: China Southern
Hotels: Lishi Hutong Alley Hotel & Prime Hotel Beijing
Places Visited: Lama Temple, Tiananmen, Museum of China, Summer Palace, Wangfujing Street, Sanlitun, Wudaokao, Great Wall of China Badaling, Ming Tombs, Jade Factory, Olympic Stadium..
Apps Used: Didi (Taxi) , Pleco (Translation) , and ExpressVPN (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc)
Exchange USD in China: Bank of China
Need Travel Visa & Passport!
Must Try Peking Duck, Buns, Dumplings, Noodles, and Street Food.
If you are prone to heartburn, note that the food can be really oily.
Drink only bottled water!
Great cocktails in bars!
Clothing size super duper small.
Learn some Mandarin beforehand if possible.
If you’re a foreigner, you stick out, even more so if you’re Black. Even those from nearby Slavic nations, will be surprised to see you lmao

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