Nara Travel Guide | Bowing Deer + Japanese Street Food Tour

Nara Travel Guide | Bowing Deer + Japanese Street Food Tour

Come join us for this Nara Travel Guide as we visit on a day trip from Osaka where we meet and feed bowing deer, eat plenty of Japanese street food and visit numerous pristine gardens and temples. Nara is just a short train ride away from both Osaka and Kyoto and makes for a perfect day trip as you can sightsee and eat your way the main attractions. One of the highlights for us was meeting the bowing deer of Nara park where you have the opportunity to feed them deer crackers. If you bow before feeding the deer the crackers they will bow in return with a cracker as a reward. Some of the temples and gardens we visited in Nara were simply incredible. It is postcard perfect Japan in many ways. The following is a list of the attractions we visited in Nara, Japan along with all of the unique Japanese street we ate in Nara:

Things to do in Nara, Japan Travel Guide + Nara Street Food:

1) Train from Nipponbashi in Osaka on the Kintetsu line to Nara for 560 Yen per person
2) Feeding the bowing deer of Nara deer crackers (Shika Senbei – 鹿せんべい) at Nara Park
3) Eating deer poop snack (chocolate covered nuts)
4) Tōdai-ji (東大寺) wooden temple and bronze buddha statue for 600 Yen
5) Green tea and Sakura Japanese ice cream
6) Yoshiki-en Garden (吉城園) for free
7) Watching a mochi (もち) demonstration and then eating some for 130 Yen each
8) Eating Takoyaki (たこ焼き) octopus balls for 130 Yen each
9) Eating salmon and mackerel sushi for 1300 Yen
10) Trying Nara Dorayaki (どら焼き) red bean pancakes for 118 Yen

大阪からの日帰り旅行に日本を訪れたのは、日本を旅したときの最高の体験のひとつでした。 私たちは、奈良公園の弓鹿に食べさせ、日本の奈良でしか見られない独特の日本の通りの食べ物を食べながら、元の寺院や庭園を訪れていました。

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Nara Travel Guide | Bowing Deer + Japanese Street Food Tour Video Transcript:

Today we are going on a day trip. We are leaving Osaka behind and going to Nara (奈良市). The plan is to take a short little train ride. Upon arrival we’re going to be visiting some really cool deer. They are very friendly and they bow. And there is also some really neat street food, some cool architecture and parks so we’re going to be checking it all out in this Nara Travel Guide.

Travel update. So we made it to Nipponbashi and we found the Kintetsu line so our tickets to Nara are 560 Yen per person. That is one way and they’ve told us platform 1 will take us straight to Nara (奈良市).

We’ve been in Nara maybe a grand total of five minutes. I can already tell you I love this place. Mostly because of the bowing deer.

Apparently the deer crackers are called Shika Senbei (鹿せんべい). Deer crackers especially made for deer.

Next is Tōdai-ji (東大寺) which is a wooden temple and at one point this was the largest wooden structure in the whole world.It houses a huge statue of a bronze Buddha for 600 Yen.

This is a fun little snack we found. Deer poop. They sell deer poop. We are enjoying our ice creams sakura and green tea.

We are currently at the Yoshiki-en Garden (吉城園). The mochi men they were just like pounding and chanting with a crowd gathered around. Mochi (もち) is sticky glutinous rice. Stuffed with a red bean paste.

We are having Takoyaki (たこ焼き). These are octopus balls with little bonito flakes with sauce.

When we arrived in Nara we walked passed this shop that had these beautiful boxed sets with sushi wrapped in a persimmon leaf.

Sam is trying the Nara Dorayaki (どら焼き) which is basically a red bean pancake.

That is our day in Nara (奈良市). It was just like a nice combination of nature and deer and temples and great street food. It was just such an awesome trip. If you’re staying in Osaka or Kyoto and you’re looking for a really cool day trip consider Nara (奈良市) and we hope you guys enjoyed our Nara Travel Guide.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese cuisine.

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