Ned Heagerty: "Tea Talk" | Talks at Google

Ned Heagerty: "Tea Talk" | Talks at Google

Ned Heagerty is the guru from Silk Road Tea. Silk Road Teas was established in 1992 as an importer of rare and specialty teas from China. The company was perhaps the first U.S.-based company to travel extensively in China to procure what are classed as specialty teas. Today, the company continues to operate using this direct procurement model purchasing its teas “on the ground”, directly from tea farms, markets and specialty tea factories.

These early spring harvest or “before the rain” artisanal teas are the signature offerings of Silk Road Teas. Purchasing direct from farms and small factories, Silk Road preserves these single-origin, small lots to ensure our customers experience the sublime aromas and flavors of the traditional tea culture of China.

Moderated by Paige Schoening.

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