QINGHAI LAKE & CHAKA SALT LAKE: A Qinghai China Road trip

QINGHAI LAKE & CHAKA SALT LAKE: A Qinghai China Road trip

Ever heard about Qinghai Lake and Chaka Salt Lake? They are the two most famous lakes in Qinghai province, China. And they were the main destinations when me and my husband went on a tiny roadtrip in China, Qinghai province, with some of his friends.

Qinghai lake, is the biggest lake in China with 4,489 km2, located on the Tibetan Plateau. Chaka Salt Lake is roughly 9 km long and 15 km wide, but the size depends a lot on how dry/wet the climate is. As you can see in the video, Chaka Salt lake is very shallow – sometimes it felt more like a salt dessert than a salt lake. The shore of Qinghai Lake, on the other hand, looked more like standing on the shore of the ocean. So big difference between the lakes!

I personally preferred Chaka, since it was a nicer atmosphere there, and you could actually go out in the very shallow lake, and so it was easier to get away from the crowds. The shore of Qinghai Lake was very crowded, and a lot of people were really disrespectful, throwing garbage in the lake etc. Personally I also don’t like the way they use animals to have tourists take pictures with them. But on the way home (the last bit of the video), we stopped at a non-official part of the lake. For a few RMB per person we could have gotten down to a non-crowded beautiful part of the lake. Unfortunately we didn’t have time, but had to go back to Xining.


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My name is Miriam Follin. I’m a Swedish woman who has been living and traveling in China since 2015. Since 2017 I am married and living with my Chinese husband in Xining, Qinghai (north western China). On this channel I share the small, green and slow things that I discover here – both regarding daily life and special events/traveling.

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