Reasons why I love to travel around the world | Low Budget Travel Tips

Reasons why I love to travel around the world | Low Budget Travel Tips

Travel tips from a Wanderer / Nomad

After watching my travel videos, some of my friends call me wanderer and nomad. I love traveling, exploring new locations, enjoy local cusines and so on

For me, traveling is a passion, its not just about vacations.

Hello Friends, this is Kishore and you are watching, travel food and destinations

In this video, I would be sharing my thoughts on

Importance of Vacations or lets put it in this way Why do I travel ?
Barriers that could stop you from travelling

Some Travel Tips

In todays world, traveling is made simple by using latest technologies. You can buy air ticket, do hotel booking, apply for visa , etc by using your smartphone. Almost all the countries around the world is promoting tourism, so we need to take the advantage of that.

Why Do I travel ?
1. Stress buster – It relaxes me and improves my mental and physical health – improves your overall health
2. Education – I learn new thing during my travel, I learn and experiences new places, culture, food, process, history and language (At least few words), economy, etc
3. Make new friends

Barriers for traveling / holidays / vacations

1. Age – Too old, then still if there are no physical challenges, still traveling to selected destinations are good
2. Health – If health is a challenge, then still I would suggest to travel whenever it is possible
3. Finances – Yes that is very important. You should have sufficient funding for your travel. I will share some tips to reduce the cost of traveling.
I would like to talk about one Mr Vijayan and his wife Mohana ( Both are tea sellers). They take loan, go for holidays, come back and work to settle the loan. Once the loan is settled, then they go for the next holidays. They have traveled to many countries including Singapore, Malaysia and USA

My travel tips

* Start traveling at the earliest
* Don’t wait for making all the money that you would need to retire and then travel
* You don’t know when you could be hit by health issues or you become too old to travel. You need good health to travel, so even if you are working and have a stressful job, plan your vacations and take regular breaks because that would improve your health as well as the quality of your work
* Plan your retirement, I suggest that this generation should retire before the age of 50
My father was a central government employee and he retired at the age of 60, but he was not stressed even 1 percent of what this generation goes through

He just worked as per a the office hours, no emails, no phone calls, no couriers no whats app

I used to work about 18 hours a day, without proper food, exercise. I got into serious health issues.

I still work, more leisurely, not even half the time what I used to do early. I feel better, travel a lot. Everything can be achieved if we work towards that with proper plannings.

Check the advantages of traveling

Save money by planning your travel in advance and researches

Buy early tickets
Book your hotels / home stays / service apartments early
Check the climate during your visit in advance
Read reviews / experiences from travel vloggers / bloggers


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