Riding the Trans-Siberia Train from Moscow to Beijing.

Riding the Trans-Siberia Train from Moscow to Beijing.

A Chinese train leaves Moscow every Tuesday,
traveling to Mongolia & Beijing.

You can ride the Russian train, or the Chinese train.

We are traveling to the largest solar farm in Russia,
Kyzyl, Tuva.

Then on to the largest solar manufacturing plant in China.

Those who build 100-panel solar homes
are shutting down fracking & Big Oil.

According to several large, peer reviewed scientific articles,:

Suicide is caused by a diet lacking natural organic lithium.

Meaning the 171 mass shootings in the US in the past 171 days
are mainly caused by our poor diet, and anemic mineral depleted soils.

Do not be distracted by secondary issues. If we really want to stop gun violence,
then we must supplement our water supplies and kids with organic lithium.

Yes, I realize most people can’t handle the truth.

The biggest issue we face is Global Warming.

By building 100-panel solar homes we can stop all global warming, create local jobs that cannot be off-shored,

ban fracking, by first generating surplus solar energy that can run the whole world’s economy from solar, wind, hydro and bio-mass.

Do not be distracted from focusing on the #1 issue the world faces.
Read: “Rare Earths, Forbidden Cures” by Dr. Joel Wallach.

It contains several of the peer reviewed scientific articles oh how a diet lacking
natural organic lithium is the main scientific cause of suicides & homicides.

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