Shanghai Adventures-The Bund-Bike Ride-YuYuan Garden-Travel ManDan

Shanghai Adventures-The Bund-Bike Ride-YuYuan Garden-Travel ManDan

In this episode of Travel Man Dan I continue to show my adventures in and around Shanghai, China!

This video was shot in Shanghai, China along the iconic Bund area of Shanghai where you can see some of the most fantastic skyline views in the world. China is know for the amazing buildings and walking along this area of Shanghai shows the wonderful buildings of old and new.

Also in this episode you can see some of the bicycle rides along the hectic chatoic streets. And you see me visit the famous YuYuan Gardens, where the ancient architecture is beautiful and stunning. I also make a pit stop for a very tasty Shanghai staple cuisine, the hairy crab! its prepared in a unusal way but the variation is just as scrumptious as any crab you tasted.

As a guy who loves big skyscrapers and exotic city streets this episode shows one of the most interesting places I’ve ever been. Im also basis to the city of Shanghai as I lived here for 3 years and it will always be a place where I visit and explore.

Below is a link that you can read up on to gain more knowledge of the places I visit in this episode, and the 3 part series I’m putting out on Shanghai-but as always I recommend you visiting yourself and going on your own epic adventure!

Thank you so much for watching and I really appreciate the support!!

Enjoy this episode and all the great episodes every Wednesday that Travel Man Dan shows during his destinations around the world!

“Its a BIG WORLD out there, make sure you see every bit of it!”

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