Shanghai Pudong Airport Arrival Guide

Shanghai Pudong Airport Arrival Guide

There are two airports in Shanghai. Shanghai Pudong (PVG) is the most important one when it comes to international flights.
This video shows you what to expect after you land, pass immigration and customs. We cover transportation options (how to get to the Shanghai city center) and what services are available (food, SIM card, luggage storage, etc.)

Here are some useful links:
Are you on a transit? You can possibly stay up to 144 hours (6 days) without a visa. Here are the rules:

This is a website that helps you estimate the taxi fare to your hotel:

Here is the ticket information for the Maglev:
The speed and schedule (departure intervals) depends on the time of the day:

Here is a good map of the Shanghai subway. They also have an app for smartphones:

This page shows the times and stops of the various airport buses:

This is the schedule for inter-city buses. Based on the signs that we filmed for this video, the airport website does not appear up to date:

To search live China train schedule or book train tickets in China, please check

Check our channel for our videos that will help you understand China travel:

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