Shanghai Scam-Nanjing Road

Shanghai Scam-Nanjing Road

I was able to film a scam in Shanghai that takes place on Nanjing Road, which is one of the busiest shopping streets in the world. Shanghai is a beautiful and vibrant city but if you are a Westerner,beware when you are walking on Nanjing Road. Before I went to Shanghai, a friend warned me of a scam but I took part anyway. Young Chinese women will come up to you who speak English and will invite you to go for a drink. 20 of them approached me over a 2 day period. They will pick the restaurant and order in Chinese. I told the woman I was with to only order a Coke but a plate of food costing $50 showed up. In some cases your bill could be hundreds of dollars. The restaurants and bars are in on it. Don’t do it!

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