Singapore red light district: A walk in Geylang

Singapore red light district: A walk in Geylang

The sights and sounds of Geylang – A walk around Singapore’s famous red light district. This video, I walked the odd number Lorongs (Street) to discover the food, and the even number Lorongs to explore the brothels.

There are many interesting sights to see and good food to eat. It’s the perfect place to leave the husband there while the wife goes for shopping. 🙂

0:31 – Food tour, things to eat in Geylang
1:10 – Little pussy street walker
1:26 – Having turtle soup for dinner, it’s good for men’s performance
1:37 – Guy with iron balls cycled against the traffic like a boss
1:43 – Budget hotel and KTV
2:03 – Gangster paradise intro, cool dude and fearless grandma
2:37 – Sex shop in Geylang
2:44 – Sex drugs on the street
2:53 – Street walkers spotted (freelancer)
3:11 – Exploring the brothels
5:16 – Tourist checking in budget hotel beside a brothel
5:20 – Supper

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