STAR FERRY HONG KONG | China Travel Guide

STAR FERRY HONG KONG | China Travel Guide

The Star Ferry in Hong Kong.

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The star ferry is one of the beloved icons of the city and a lot more than just a means of transportation. A crossing of victoria harbour on a star ferry has been named by the national geographic of traveler as one of the fifty places of a lifetime. In fact, Tens of millions of people still climb aboard the humble star ferry vessels each year. 00:10 – 00:33.
It´s been shutting residents between Hong Kong island and Kowloon in the mainland for over 120 years. The star ferry traces its origins to 1888 when a parsi cook began a ferry service across Victoria Harbour with his steamboat, the Morning Star, nowadays, acctualy the Company has the same docking system as in those days. 00:33 – 00:57. In 1898 the Company become public with its actual name The Star Ferry, which DERAIVES from the name of the ferries, called Stars. 00:58 – 01:08.
01:08 – 01:24. Around 12 distinct Green and White vessels in operation traverse the waters every day, with names like Celestial Star, or Shining Star (a recreation of the 1920s ferries). You can count on one leaving every 10-12 minutes.
On central rute, The ferries start running at 6:30 am and end at 11:30 pm. On wanchai rute the service starts at 7:20, and the last ferry leaves at 10:50. the crossing takes betwen 6-15 min. 01:24 – 01:44.
There are two principal rutes. Tshim Sha Tsui- Whanchai, and Tshim Sha Tsui-central. The last one is The most popular rute and most spectacular in exactly that direction. 01:44 – 01:52.
You can take the Star Ferry in Kowloon Pier, just near the Clock tower. Take it on a clear night or at twilight hours and you will never forget the sight as you approach the arresting skyline all lit up, and of course, the marvelous Victoria Peak in the background. 01:52 – 02:09.
If you take the ferry at 8 pm you can also. enjoy the spectacular Symphony of ligths crossing the waters.02:09 – 02:16. There are different fares, but the regular adult rate is around 2,70HK$, less tan a half american dollar.
On weekends and holydays the Price is slightly higher. You will need the exact change for the turnstiles, or you can also use the Octopus Car, which we deffinetely recomend, so you will avoid lines. There are cheaper rates for kids and elders, as well. 02:16 – 02:42.
For further information just visit . 02:42 – 02:47.
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